Lez Spill The Tea: Netflix’s Creepy AF Lesbian Movie & Why You Should Speed Walk Everywhere

And more queer babe news!

Hello, you beautiful lesbians! We’re starting something new here on GO: a weekly round-up of all the interesting, strange, or otherwise entertaining queer news you may have missed during the chaos of the work week, called Lez Spill The Tea. Listed both with links and short synopses, picking which pieces of news to binge-read on the subway or on your lunch break is about to become the most fun part of your day. Consider Lez Spill The Tea your go-to for queer women news you’ll actually be excited to read.

The Times is publishing obits of remarkable LGBTQ individuals

The New York Times has a regularly occurring series called “Overlooked No More” that publishes obituaries of remarkable people whose deaths were not originally reported in their paper. In honor of Pride, the series will be highlighting LGBTQ figures, beginning with this one about Emma Stebbins, a lesbian who created the iconic Angel of the Waters sculpture. 

Absolut Vodka released a stunning photo ad for Pride

Absolut Vodka, in partnership with GLAAD, released a photo ad shot by David LaChapelle that honors one of the first Pride parades that took place in San Francisco. Featured talent includes Sasha Velour and Amanda Lepore.

A gay Valkyrie/Captain Marvel may actually have a chance at happening

If you went to theaters to see “Captain Marvel” or “Thor: Ragnarok” and came out with strong opinions about Carol Danvers’ and Valkyrie’s sexuality, this is the story for you. One Marvel producer recently hinted at a possibility of the two getting together on-screen. Thank the gay gods!

Finally, the representation we deserve! A lesbian was named sexiest vegan.

A lesbian nurse from Virginia (my home state representing!) was recently named this year’s “Sexiest Vegan Next Door” by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). The winner gets bragging rights and a trip to Hawaii for two.

People are freaking out about Netflix’s “The Perfection”

Move over, “Hereditary!” Netflix’s queer horror movie “The Perfection” is getting a lot of attention because the movie is incredibly graphic and disturbing. It’s not for the faint of heart, but those who have braved it say the writing is worth the trauma. Plus, it’s gay!

No need to slow down, you gays! Walking fast is actually better for you.

If your friends have ever told you that you walk too fast and your response was “Move, I’m gay!” then you’re about to lose your mind at this news. According to a study by the University of Leicester in England, people who walk faster are expected to live longer. Fill your friends in once they finally catch up with you.

MTV created the first “sexually fluid” dating show

“Are You The One?” isn’t a new show, but it’s breaking records for doing something new. The MTV reality show is set to return this summer with an extremely queer twist: everyone in the show’s cast identifies as “sexually fluid.” No one’s off-limits, which is (I think) the best way to live.

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