Lesbians Rejoice: Ruby Rose Is Set To Play Lesbian Batwoman

Big celesbian news!

ATTENTION QUEER BABES. Your favorite lesbian heartthrob and mine, actress Ruby Rose, will be playing the lez BATWOMAN in a December DC crossover event. Deep breathes, lezzies, I know this is huge news.

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Ruby Rose as Batwoman will debut during a TV event that will feature characters from other DC shows on the CW including Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl. All the characters are mixing together, hence the name “crossover.”

Greg Berlanti and Caroline Dries are plotting for a potential Batwoman series that centers around Kate Kane played by Ruby Rose: the badass superhero social justice extraordinaire. She fights crime, she speaks her glorious mind, and, um, she’s ridiculously sexy. She’s complicated too, as she must overcome her own demons before she can completely fulfill her superhero role.

It’s up to The CW whether they pick up the planned Batwoman series, but, like, HOW COULD THEY NOT? Fingers crossed we get blessed with an entire show!

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