OITNB Stars Lea DeLaria, Yael Stone & Danielle Brooks Crash Lesbian Wedding

They had the Lord Of The Lesbians perform at their wedding.

One of our absolute favorite dykes, Lea DeLaria, surprised one lucky lesbian couple as she showed up to their wedding with her fellow “Orange In The New Black” costars, Yael Stone (Lorna Morello) and Danielle Brooks (Taystee.) Lea, Yael, and Danielle were in Australia to celebrate Mardi Gras where they (we’re not sure how) decided to crash this gay wedding.

The unidentified Australian couple are huge fans of OITNB and looked overjoyed in the Snapchat and Instagram posts Lea uploaded. Lea, being the fab entertainer that she is, also sang and danced for everyone at the wedding. As if being gorgeous and gay and married isn’t perfect enough, the beautiful wedded pair can now say they had the Lord Of The Lesbians perform at their wedding.

Can I just say that Lea DeLaria can GET IT with that green suit and Gucci belt?

Danielle Brooks ALSO rocking a Gucci belt and looking as gorgeous as ever.

Yael being adorable in the background in her chic AF fedora. We see you, girl.

The beautiful brides look overjoyed and we can only imagine the shock and excitement they felt to have such a star studded wedding. Us at GO wish this lovely pair all the happiness in the world! We are also wishing for a perfectly tailored green suit, a structured fedora, a green wrap dress, and, of course, a Gucci belt (that isn’t the replica one I ordered on Amazon). BRB online shopping.

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