Lesbian Icon Lea Delaria Puts Her Money Where Her Mouth Is

DeLaria has plans to take over Pied Bar.

Pied Bar in Provincetown (a lesbian haven in Massachusetts!) has been a social center for lesbian life through many decades– and it’s about to get even more amazing. According to The Provincetown Banner, actor, singer, comedian, and Lord Of The Lesbians, Lea Delaria is taking it over. (It is unclear whether she has bought the bar or will be renting.)

In the 50s, Pied Bar was was known as the Ace Of Spades, in the 70s as the Pied Piper, and in the 80s until now as Pied Bar. According to Wicked Local, the bar has become recently more low-profile. But thanks to your favorite celesbian and mine, Pied Bar is about to step up to the next level. DeLaria has plans to take over the bar, which will be renamed “The Club.” The Provincetown Banner reports that, “during the licensing board hearing, Frank Christopher, who will manage the new club, said people can expect to see live shows and performances as well as a variety of instruments.” We can’t wait to see what direction they will take with this iconic space.


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We are absolutely bursting at the seams with excitement that DeLaria is taking this amazing step to preserve and bolster the culture of Provincetown. In the age of lesbian spaces shuttering and endless think pieces on the topic– what a fantastic moment to see one of the most prominent out lesbians putting her money into the lesbian haven of Provincetown. See you at “The Club” this summer?

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