Captivating Couples 2011

They met online, in grad school and even at an adoption center. Their love stories quell the naysayers and show us all that it can happen. Quit mooning over your exes and be inspired!

(And they’re in no particular order ‘cause we’re captivated by them all!)

Lea & Elizabeth

New York, NY

Lea, thirty-somthing, actor

Elizabeth, thirty-something, actor

These two dynamic, NYC-based performers met ten years ago at Southern Illinois University, where Lea was a basketball coach and Elizabeth was a student. They were married at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art and celebrated their five-year wedding anniversary in May 2010. In addition to performing together and in separate projects, they enjoy travel, cooking and spending time with their dog and four cats. “We take time out when we need it,” Elizabeth says. Lea is originally from Lexington, Ky. while Elizabeth hails from Tallahassee, Fla.; their origins inspired their current collaboration, a show called Syrup in Our Shorts, about being from the South and involved in an interracial relationship.

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