Captivating Couples 2011

They met online, in grad school and even at an adoption center. Their love stories quell the naysayers and show us all that it can happen. Quit mooning over your exes and be inspired!

(And they’re in no particular order ‘cause we’re captivated by them all!)

Michelle & Genevieve

New York, NY

Michelle, 46, Executive Director, In The Life Media

Genevieve, 58, women’s couture designer

“We met at Billy’s Beachside Bar & Grill in Cherry Grove in the summer of 1996,” Michelle recalls. “We both had shares in other communities on Fire Island and on that fateful day had ventured to Cherry Grove and landed at Billy’s for happy hour. We danced all night at the Ice Palace and had our first kiss on the beach as the sun began to peak over the horizon.” Genevieve, originally from Bordeaux, and Michelle both love food, wine, travel and entertaining; they make a point of visiting Genevieve’s family in France every year and host friends from Europe whenever they can. Their favorite trip (so far) was an island-hopping excursion to French Polynesia to celebrate their ten-year anniversary—but they also love time spent at home. “Genevieve likes to invent cocktails. Alone together or with friends, a perfect evening starts with Genevieve’s cocktail creations and is followed by a delicious dinner, interesting wine and intimate and revealing conversation,” Michelle says. The secret to their success? It’s simple. “We have the same rhythms and we like many of the same things—we’re both bon vivants,” Michelle laughs. “We trust each other implicitly and we’re comfortable in our relationship, but we don’t take each other for granted. And, the sizzle that sparked on Fire Island 15 years ago is still smoking hot!”

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