Ilene Chaiken Hints At What We Can Expect From The L Word Reboot!


In a recent interview with NBC News, Ilene Chaiken, the creator and showrunner of the original series, hinted at what fans can expect from The L Word reboot expected to premiere late this year. And from the interview, it sounds like we can look forward to more diverse, inclusive storylines and lots more sex scenes. The original show, which ran from 2004 to 2009, and was the longest running show about queer women and was beloved (and still obsessed over!). Now, new showrunner Marja-Lewis Ryan will take the lead while Chaiken will be an executive director.

Speaking to some of the criticisms of the original, Chaiken said, “…what I would say is I accept all of those criticisms. The world has changed; we’ve learned a great deal, I’ve learned a great deal. The world has changed. I know things now that I didn’t know then, and I’m glad to know them. I recognize the sensitivities. I also think that to some degree the kind of — I’m going to call them the rules, but I think it’s the wrong categorization — they’re always evolving. Marja is really keenly attuned to the issues of representation and inclusivity … I think people will be gratified by how inclusive this show is.”

Chaiken also indicated that we can expect many more of those classic L Word sex scenes in the reboot, saying, “One of things Marja and I connected over in the very beginning and one of the reasons it was clear that she was so right to do that show is that she and I really like telling stories about sex and making film about sex and portraying it and enjoying it and exploring it. It’s really important to me that the person who takes over this show shares my enjoyment of telling sexy stories about sex.”

In addition to those “sexy stories about sex,” fans may also get to see the killed-off characters of Dana and Jenny brought back to life for the reboot. WE CAN’T WAIT.

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