I Heart Brooklyn Girls 2011 Calendar Release Party

2010 Calendar Launch Party for I Heart Brooklyn Girls at Southpaw

GO partied with the pulp pinup girls and their just-as-hot female admirers at the I Heart Brooklyn Girls Calendar Release Party on Saturday, Oct 23. We’d been waiting on the edge of barstools for this soiree for awhile, and it once again made its mark as one of the hottest events of the year to be seen in the scene…and to scope out enough eye-candy to completely eliminate the need to trick-or-treat for sweets of a more caloric variety.

Host Murray Hill and DJs Mel Huckabee, Amber Valentine and Noa D kept partygoers wildly entertained—not an easy feat with all the visual distractions of girls, garters and go-go dancers! Guests got their very own 2011 calendar to tack up on the wall (or ceiling?) of their choice, and all for a good cause: 10 percent of the calendar’s proceeds were donated to Sylvia’s Place, a LGBTQ youth runaway and homeless shelter that does amazing work providing overnight, crisis intervention, mental health, healthcare, schooling and job training services.

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