Lesbian Astrology: How To Break Up With Her, Based On Her Zodiac Sign

Warning: Water signs are going to cry.

You met someone. You thought she was super hot, smart, funny, and sweet. You fell head over heels. And now… now the red flags you ignored at the start of your relationship are starting to wave in front of your face on the daily, and you just can’t let it go. You know in your heart that she’s not “the one.” It’s time to break up.

Except, well, dumping someone is hard. In fact, sometimes it downright sucks. No matter how long you’ve been together, it can be difficult to know what to say, how to say it, and when. Breakups can be some of the most painful and difficult experiences you’ll ever go through—even when you’re the one who’s ending things. It can be hard to find the right words to convey that you’re done with the relationship in a respectable, sensitive way that the other person will be receptive(ish) to hearing.

While it’s never easy to break up with someone, knowing your soon-to-be-ex’s zodiac sign can be helpful. We know that someone’s sun sign says a lot about who they are, how they love, and even how they might prefer to be broken up with. Read below to learn the best ways to break up with someone, based on their zodiac sign. (Warning: Water signs are going to cry. Guaranteed.)


Here’s someone who likes being direct. Don’t beat around the bush with your Aries; they’d rather you clearly explain what’s going on than skirt around the issue. The Aries ego never enjoys taking a beating, but they are usually confident and would prefer you to be honest as opposed to going on with the relationship unless you’re crazy about them. If you’re as honest as possible, without being mean, your Aries ex may just turn into your Aries friend.

Don’t be surprised when Aries turns the finger around on you and starts pointing out all of your flaws while you’re doing the breaking up. They won’t hold back, even if it’s just their wounded ego talking. There’s not much of a risk of an Aries taking you back, either; once they’ve closed the door on a relationship, they’re not inclined to re-open it.


Taurus people don’t really like change. They appreciate someone who is steady, predictable, and loyal. So be absolutely sure you’re ready for this breakup before ending things with a Taurus. Be as clear as possible and avoid losing yourself in long-winded explanations. Just stick to the facts. This is someone who is going to analyze everything while she listens to you talking, so be prepared for a lot of questions before you walk out that door.

If you speak in a negative tone or attack their character, be prepared for a fight because Taurus can bring out their horns when provoked. When a Taurus is grieving with a broken heart, they don’t want to lose face. Be as gentle as you can unless you want the tables turned on you and the Taurus to point out all the things you don’t have that they really wanted in a person.


Geminis have a bad reputation for being flaky. This actually works in your favor when breaking up with one. They don’t like melodrama (unless it’s someone else’s, and then they’re all about the gossip!) This is a sign who is prideful, so they are likely to hold back their tears until you leave. They don’t want you to see them in any emotional pain. They wouldn’t want to give you the satisfaction. The best approach here is to directly explain why you want to break up. Try not to get all fuzzy and emotional about it. They’ll appreciate it.

Your chances of staying friends with a Gemini ex are high. They don’t hold grudges and love having friends they can relate to. But prepare yourself for them to move on quickly. Geminis tend to be charming and witty, so these folks usually have no trouble at all moving on to the next love interest.


Cancers are so intuitive that they likely know you’re breaking up with them before you so much as speak a word. That said, it’s hard to break up with a Cancer without feeling guilty about breaking their (very sensitive) hearts. Because Cancers are generally very committed to relationships, they are likely to cry and ask you if there is anything they can do to fix the relationship or help you change your mind. Don’t string them along. Let them know it’s the end, and you mean business.

But be understanding and gentle. Don’t attack their character, if you can help it, and try not to put the blame entirely on them. Saying something like, “I feel connected to you but like our connection isn’t meant to be forever.”


If you’re dating a Leo, you already know this: Their egos are… pretty darn big. To a Leo, there is nothing worse than being humiliated, so remind yourself that a Leo is likely not going to forgive you for wounding her ego and pride. Explain the reasons why you want to break up in ways that don’t completely deflate the “look at how great I am!” bubble. Don’t gossip about a Leo or reveal how they responded to your breakup with your group of friends. If word gets out that you did, she’ll feel even more hurt and humiliated.

When a Leo cares about someone, they may struggle to let go. She may do anything to patch the relationship up, because Leos are fiercely loyal and want to make their people happy. If you really don’t want this relationship, then don’t succumb to her charms because you feel bad or because her eyes are dreamy and her charisma is enchanting.


Virgo is going to get hung up on the details and the “why” unless you explain everything thoroughly. But for her, she won’t ever ask you directly “why.” Instead, she’ll stalk your social media accounts for clues the minute you walk out the door, re-read every communication you two ever shared with one another, and agonize until she falls asleep with silent tears. You can (sorta) help prevent all of this by being as clear and giving as much information as you can. But don’t lie. They can detect a liar from miles away.

A Virgo won’t hesitate to remind you of all of your faults and shortcomings. So put on a thick skin, just in case.


Libras hate conflicts, and they love love! But they are also very proud, so they aren’t the type to beg you to stay. They’re typically diplomatic and smart. Calmly explain the reasons why you’re breaking up without drawing too much attention to the Libra’s faults or past mistakes (as I said, they’ve got pride!), and you should remain on good terms, ready to delve into friendship soon enough.

That said, this is a zodiac sign that’s likely to dream of getting back together with you and conjuring up ways to charm your pants off to win back your love. Remain steely in your resolve unless you want to keep renting that U-Haul!


Thanks to Scorpio’s deep intuition, she’ll likely guess your intentions long before you speak up. But just as you felt connected to the Scorpio so intensely (their attention is something else, eh?), expect this breakup to be an intense one too. When a Scorpio is attached and emotionally invested, they’re not particularly good at letting go. They’re very sensual, so one deep look into your eyes can have you hopping back into bed before you can say, “It’s not you, it’s me.”

Be firm, and don’t let them manipulate you, which they are likely to try (even if they don’t realize they’re being manipulative).


Sagittarius is going to need some serious direct eye contact with you while you give your relationship the ax. But they don’t need a lot of hand-holding or compassion. So don’t even so much as put a hint of pity into your voice or expressions. This one is open and independent, and she’ll likely be able to move from ex to friend rather quickly. She may even forgive you if you’ve been unfaithful. She’s a free spirit, and as long as she knows you’re sincere in your intentions, then she isn’t likely to hold a grudge.

Nothing makes a Sagittarius happier than comparing themselves to your new love interest, though. She’ll eye them up and down and decide all the ways in which your new love is a downgrade. She may even tell you why!


Capricorns need you to be straight-to-the-point without imposing any blame. Forget the tears too. Just calmly explain your reasoning, and she will accept the breakup more easily and come away with more respect for you if you’re not a blubbering mess of tears. Capricorn doesn’t really like her weaknesses, so there’s no risk that there will be a scene, even if it’s possible that she is downright broken-hearted.

Even though they may seem stoic on the outside, Capricorns usually care a lot about whoever it is they’ve devoted themselves to. Give her lots of space for working out her feelings privately before you even attempt a friendship.


Aquarius loathes sentimentalism and lies, so ditch these in your breakup conversation. And don’t sugarcoat things. They’ll roll their eyes at your bullshit. When you break up with an Aquarius, be honest, clear, direct, and don’t hesitate to use a little humor to lighten the situation up a little bit. Seriously, try it—you won’t regret it. Just know this: While you’re speaking, the Aquarius is analyzing every word you say and will likely question you. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

An Aquarius isn’t going to beg you to stay because, deep down, she knows it won’t be difficult to replace you. Thank you, next!


Oooooh boy. Are you seriously thinking about breaking a sensitive Pisces heart? Well, okay then, you heartless SOB. (Kidding!) Even if Pisces is daydreaming through half of your breakup, and they seem out to lunch, know that they will not have an easy time accepting this separation. Even if you’re firm and clear, a Pisces will listen only to what she wants to hear. So you could speak for 30 minutes about all the reasons why you’re ending things, and if you say one nice thing, chances are she’ll cling to that. Explain to your Pisces firmly (and succinctly) why you want to end the relationship. And please, be gentle. Don’t get lost in the details.

Pisces is very sentimental, so expect a long, dramatic speech from them that leaves you feeling guilty as f*ck for a few days.

No matter what your future ex’s zodiac sign is, do your best to be as honest, open, and respectful as possible. Unless they’ve cheated or done something else heinous like scraping their teeth against utensils when they eat, try to remember that you’re likely breaking someone’s heart as well as maybe wounding their ego a little. As the one doing the dumping, there’s a good chance you’ve already had time to process and mourn before the breakup. If you can, give this person some time to process their feelings, ask you questions, and discuss things together so that you both get the closure you need to move on.

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