GO Proudly Presents: 100 Women We Love, Class Of 2021

Angelica Crisi

Angelica Crisi by Dave Cross Photography

“DEI isn’t a clear-cut, linear process,” says Angelica Crisi, Partner and COO at Coston Consulting, a Black-owned business advisory firm where Crisi’s DEI (Diversity Equity Inclusion) work includes workshops, trainings, assessments, and strategic planning to help companies foster DEI professional environments. In addition to her DEI work, Crisi advises on multiple fronts, including strategy, marketing, and business development. “There can be many ups and downs and even missteps for clients,” she says, “[but] we’re able to help [clients] along their journey to identify actionable steps and make real, sustainable progress.” The Coston staff is extremely diverse, and Crisi credits this diversity with her team’s ability to think through problems from a variety of perspectives. “I think our differences complement each other so well,” she says, “and because of these varied backgrounds and skill sets, we can offer clients a truly intersectional approach.” She has been recognized as one of the “Top 40 under 40” LGBTQ+ Leaders by Business Equality Pride Magazine for her ongoing efforts. No stranger to success, Crisi previously led marketing and client development efforts at a nationally-renowned plaintiff law firm, as well as three Am Law 100 international law firms. As a member of both the LGBT Chamber of Commerce of New York and The National LGBT Bar Association, she is not afraid to work for, and stand up for members of her community. —NT

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