GO Proudly Presents: 100 Women We Love, Class Of 2021

Angela Lowe

Angela Lowe by Amy Postle

For chef Angela Lowe, coming out wasn’t her choice. After being outed by a relative, Lowe went through a period where she didn’t speak to her family. But that experience didn’t cause her to retreat back into the closet — instead, she chose to live out loud. “I have never been a person that would live anything but my truth, so [since] I came out, I haven’t turned back, and being gay is one of my favorite things about myself,” she tells GO. “I love being a badass gay businesswoman.” Now, Lowe is an acclaimed chef, international restaurant consultant, and recipe developer with eight new restaurant concepts set to launch across the country. She just launched two companies with her partner: Vegan Sunday Supper, a full line of vegan products, and Plant Based Sandwich (PBS), which sells vegan gourmet-style sandwiches. Lowe recently began a partnership with Gaia Women Lead, a women’s conference, in which she will serve as a keynote speaker offering recipe content and mentorship. Her list of accomplishments includes an eclectic mix of culinary career experiences, including hosting the first vegan dinner at the New York Food and Wine Festival, serving as Ryan Seacrest’s personal chef, and being featured at the Seed Food and Wine Festival in Los Angeles. —IL

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