Four Arrested In Lesbian Gang Rape

Bay Area teens to be tried in recent rape case

Two men and two teenage boys were arrested in connection with the brutal gang rape of a lesbian in the San Francisco Bay area, The Associated Press reported on Jan 1. Authorities have classified the attack as a hate crime because the attackers made comments indicating they knew the victim, who lives openly with another woman, was a lesbian.

According to police reports, the unidentified 28-year-old woman was attacked in the East Bay city of Richmond on Dec 18 when she exited her car, which bore a rainbow pride sticker.  A man approached, struck her with a blunt object, and sexually assaulted her with the help of others.

The attackers pushed the victim into her car and drove to an apartment building, where they allegedly raped her again inside and outside the car. They took her wallet and drove off, leaving her naked outside the building.

Detectives say the horrific attack lasted for 45 minutes.

The adult suspects are Humberto Hernandez Salvador, 31, and Josue Gonzalez, 21. Both are being held without bail on gang rape, kidnapping and carjacking charges.  The  teenage attackers, ages 16 and 15, have not been identified, but they are being held in a juvenile detention center on similar charges. Police say tips from local residents led to the arrests.

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