Do You Look Like a Dyke?

Be a part of What Dyke Looks Like, a portrait anthology from Toronto photographer Kristy Boyce



Kristy Boyce is on a mission to photograph what dykes look like today. Her project, What Dyke Looks Like, is a portrait anthology of how lesbians are visually perceived in society.

Concepts for the portraits vary and Boyce works with her subjects to find a concept that will best illustrate who they are. Boyce will be in New York from January 8 to 15 and is currently looking for subjects to photograph. She is especially looking for the following:

  • Women of varied races/ethnicities/cultures
  • Mixed race couples
  • Older dykes
  • Dykes with tykes
  • Trans women/men
  • Pregnant dykes
  • Dykes with dangerous jobs
  • Differently-abled dykes

What Dyke Looks Like will show online at, publish as a hardcover photo book and be shown in exhibitions. Standard model releases need to be signed by all interested participants. All those who agree to be photographed will have the option to order prints online and will receive a complimentary 8×10 print of their favorite image.

Those interested in being photographed should contact Kristy at

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