The Dish: Sara Ramirez Protests ABC’s Biphobia, Asia Kate Dillon Is Non-Binary on “Billions”

“Own it, address it, clarify it, empower our #Queer #Bisexual youth & community w/accurate positive reflections.”

It’s Friday!

The filming of a new Jewish-themed lesbian film, “Disobedience,” is causing a ruckus because it’s interfering with Shabbat preparations in London.

Sara Ramirez is not happy with ex-employer ABC for allowing “The Real O’Neals” to make biphobic jokes.

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Speaking of ABC, The New York Times goes in-depth with “When We Rise,” the network’s upcoming LGBTQ history mini-series. We’ll have some interviews with creator Dustin Lance Black and stars Rachel Griffiths and Ivory Aquino before its premiere next week.

The Times also reviews “The Good Fight,” which has a major lesbian character and premieres this Sunday.

All-female sex parties are happening. Are you having FOMO?

Out lesbian Premier Kathleen Wynnee of Ontario, Canada paid a visit the Quebec mosque where six Muslims were murdered earlier this month.


Welp, Courtney Stodden has come out as bisexual. Also, single.

Slow news day at TMZ: Hannah Jeter has a “girl crush” on tennis player Caroline Wozniacki.

Frankie Bashan is a “lesbian dating guru” and is hosting a speed dating event in Denver this weekend.

A new study finds that lesbians are less likely than heterosexual and bisexual women to get timely pap smears. The article doesn’t say, but I think we all just assume our partner will let us know if anything feels wrong, right? 

Good news out of South Carolina: U.S. District Judge Mary Geiger Lewis ruled in favor of lesbian couple Casy and Jacqueline Carson, allowing both mothers to be named on their twins’ birth certificates.

Bisexual pop stars Brooke Candy and Sia pair up for “Living Out Loud.”

Out Russian journalist Masha Gessen reports on anti-gay ideology in the new issue of Harper’s.

The Advocate sits down with the oh-so-queer Christine of Christine and the Queens. On her song “Tilted”:

“The society we live in makes it too easy for people to feel like they’re tilted — not fitting in, that is. When you’re too fat, too queer, trans, when you’re black. I’m smiling when I talk about this straight world of ours onstage for the obvious link that line has with my own experience of being tilted — mainly through my sexuality — but I wanted this song to embrace the many, many ways you can feel like an outsider.”

Asia Kate Dillon is a non-binary actor and starring as a non-binary character on Showtime’s “Billions.” (You may recognize them from a small but memorable role as skinhead Brandy in “Orange is the New Black.”)

photo via Showtime

Cynthia Nixon “reunited” with Sarah Jessica Parker and there are photos.

And just in case you didn’t get enough romance this week, let’s go out with this same-sexy love song and music video.

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