Leaders of the Pack 2013

Red hot entrepreneurs of 2013

Owner, Insanitea

After six years of stability and financial security in the field of retail, Ingrid Sauer needed a fresh challenge. “I wanted to take a go at the American Dream, a blind leap taken in hopes of living a more fulfilling life with fulfilling work. A dull feeling of complacency urged me to find my own niche, since I never felt like I fit in anywhere,” says Sauer, the founder of InsaniTea, a Montclair, N.J. tea house. Perhaps that feeling made Sauer sympathetic to the plight of tea, so often overshadowed by coffee. “I wanted to give tea a welcomed place,” Sauer says. “I also wanted to provide a place for the rest of the “odd types” out there to feel safe and comfortable. InsaniTea has become a safe haven for local artisans.” In addition to serving and selling loose-leaf teas, InsaniTea also carries items created by local artisans and crafters, everything from pet treats to tarot readings. InsaniTea also features local bands and hosts classes taught by a neighborhood music teacher. Her willingness to try new things has helped InsaniTea stand out in her gay-friendly community. “Stay true to your original vision without ignoring the need for positive change along the way,” she advises her fellow risk-takers. “Be flexible and give up your days and nights in an effort to succeed.”

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