8 Holiday-Themed Friend Dates For All You Single Lesbians

This Holigay season, I want to do it up!

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I’m newly single. Like so newly single that just writing those words hurts a little bit. Don’t worry, babes, this isn’t a woe is me article.

You know that saying that goes something like, take the advice you’d give your best friend? Yeah, well, that’s what I’m doing. So you definitely won’t find me moping around and sobbing on the trains of Brooklyn this Holiday season. Nope. (Okay, maybe just once.) I plan on taking to the town! I love the Holiday season, not because it holds particularly amazing memories, but simply because it’s so sparkly and beautiful and full of love and giving gifts (which is my love language, in case you were wondering).

With all of this in mind, I’ve been thinking about all the cute Holigay dates I want to take my friends out on. Friend dates are the best, in my humble opinion. You get to treat your friend to an amazing time and really relish in your time together. Living in this fast-paced world sometimes means you don’t get to see your friends for months at a time so the time you do get together is super valuable. I love planning out something intentional to do instead of just ordering take-out and drinking wine while chatting on my couch. Don’t get me wrong, that’s my usual go-to for friend time. But this Holigay season, I want to do it up!

Here’s a roundup of the top 8 friend dates for this Holigay season in New York City.


Crashing Each Others Work Holiday Parties


Work Holiday parties can go one of two ways: 1. You get embarrassingly wasted in front of all your co-workers who you regularly avoid because they’re mostly heteronormative and make bad jokes OR 2. It’s a completely snooze-fest and you sneak out the side door early because you were only there for the free booze.

While I can speak from experience for number one (it’s a long story but I ended up doing the Dirty Dancing lift with the VP of Sales at the grimy tech company I used to work for), I’d highly recommend adding in an alternative, third option. Bring your queer bestie who can make sure you don’t get shit faced in front of all the co-workers you love to hate. Your work Holiday party can be actually enjoyable when you bring a friend-date. There’s no pressure because it’s not a date-date and you can finally show her how awful George from Accounting is.

Ice Skating In Puffy Coats

Everyone always makes fun of me but I love ice skating. And what’s more fun than bundling up in your puffiest winter coat and getting out there on the rink like a penguin? Central Park is so beautiful this time of year, filled with literal magic. Group text all your BFFs and make an ice skating plan for next weekend before you head over to Cubbyhole for hot toddies.

The West Village Shuffle

Okay, I know you can do the West Village shuffle of gay bars any time of the year. And being gay is magical at all times of the year. But these places just feel like home during the Holidays, especially if you don’t go ~home~ to your bio family. Taking your besties out to go from Cubbyhole to Hen’s to Stonewall is especially beautiful during the winter season. Because we are chosen family. I suggest starting off early to sneak in happy hour and skip the lines later in the evening.

Getting Sparkly Mani Pedi’s And Sipping Champagne


Nothing better than donning sparkly nails for the Holidays. I don’t care whether you’re butch or femme, we all deserve to have glitter in our lives. I suggest splurging at one of those fancy spa’s that offers complimentary Champagne while you get your mani/pedis. This is a perfect chance to catch up with your friend while bonding over the experience.

Frozen Hot Cocoa At Serendipity

Okay, if you haven’t seen the horrible (but kind of amazing) movie Serendipity where John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale fall in love, then you need to change that stat. There definitely needs to be a lesbian version of this film made, but until then… This is the perfect friend-date for your straight bestie. Take her to Serendipity on the Upper West Side and she’ll be sooo happy. It’s super cozy and their hot cocoa’s are to die for.

Union Square Holiday Market


This is the Holiday Market of all Holiday Market’s. It has ever gift you would ever want to give, and more. From DYI to homemade jams to cozy scarfs to beautifully crafted jewelry– there is everything. Bring a friend along as you weave in and out of this maze of a market. I’d suggest adding in some spice by creating a game out of it. Give yourselves 10 minutes each to go around and find the best possible gift for one another. Have a meeting place afterwards where you can exchange.

Holiday Train Show At New York Botanical Gardens

Taking your friends on the romantic dates you’d go on if you had a bae actually make them better. Hear me out, babes. You get to check out the lay of the land, figure out the best bars and restaurants near-by and feel out if it’s a good date plan for next time you have a special someone. Plus, you get to bond with your friend in a really incredible way.

The train show at New York Botanical Gardens is something dreams are made of. Seriously. It’s magical and wonderful and oh-so beautiful. Sparkly lights and hot toddies and cozy sweaters. All while watching cute trains go by? Sign me up.

Vintage Shopping Competition

Take to your favorite vintage store for an afternoon of amazing deals with your friend group. It’s fun to make a competition out of it to see who can find the best deals in under an hour and compare goodies afterwards over brunch. We all need new sweaters, right?

The Holiday season gives me butterflies. Especially living in New York City. It’s the only time of the year that I actually like Times Square. The only time I venture to Rockefeller Center. The only time I absolutely love snow. And so, I am making a promise to myself that I will not wallow in this heartbreak during one of my favorite times of year to live in this magnificent city. In addition to friend dates, I’ll be going on solo dates and shopping dates and maybe even dipping my toe back in for a ~first date~ if the feeling is right (slide into my DM’s ladies).

What are your Holigay plans, single babes? 

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