Video Of The Day: This Lesbian Proposal Will Melt Your Bitter Heart

If straight girls get to be basic and watch these videos, we get to be too.

Maybe it’s because we are *mildly* hungover and vulnerable this morning, or maybe we’re just LAME AF, but for whatever reason, we went down a dark YouTube K-Hole this morning.

We started searching “lesbian proposal.” And we came across this video (FYI by “we” I mean me, I really shouldn’t be dragging anyone else into this).

You can laugh and make fun of proposals until the cows come home (is that even a term?), but I have to say this made my hard heart melt a little bit. And it will make your hard heart melt a little too. So watch it. I won’t tell anyone. I swear. Or just leave the computer open so your girlfriend can see it and maybe she’ll get a fucking hint. Look, if straight girls get to be basic bitches who covet weddings, why can’t we?

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