7 Italian Restaurants To Wine & Dine Your Date This Weekend, As Told By A Native New York Lez

There is no greater aphrodisiac on this planet than a meat and cheese board.

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Happy Friday, babes! Are you sick of bars and clubs? Are you looking for something a little more…romantic? Why not cozy up with bae at one of these authentic Italian restaurants?

My ancestors immigrated from Sicily to Brooklyn. My family is basically your stereotypical bunch of Italian people. And while that presents its own set of challenges (read: NO privacy/boundaries), there is a lot of love and most importantly, a lot of good eating. Thanks to my fam, I have the best insider knowledge of the best Italian restaurants in NYC. And because I love you and want you to eat well (it’s the Italian in me), I want to share this list with you. Wear stretchy pants.

1.  Casa Nonna Midtown, NYC

I will venture to tourist-infested Midtown for Casa Nonna because it is BOMB. I could tell you why, but I think this picture of my 100% Sicilian Great Aunts, happy after a meal at Casa Nonna speaks volumes.

2. Joe’s of Avenue U Brooklyn

My family has been going here for years and years. Some of the stuff they have on the menu can be a little strange if you usually don’t venture outside of pizza and pasta. Be brave, babes. Order tripe. Don’t ask questions. Just eat. You can google after.

3. Matteo’s Howard Beach, Queens

My grandpa only goes to three restaurants. Matteo’s is his favorite. Be ready to spend. Be ready to eat until you feel like you need surgery — everything is family style. Everyone in there is OG Italian. You’ll feel like you’re in a movie.

4. Di Fara Pizza Midwood, Brooklyn

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If that perfect picture doesn’t entice you to try Di Fara’s, I don’t know what will. My uncle has declared Di Fara’s the best pizza in the state of New York, and regularly drives from Long Island to eat here.

5. Marios Arthur Ave, Bronx

My family goes here every winter. Arthur Ave in December is an Italian Christmas paradise.

I’m drooling.

6. Spuntino Westbury, Long Island

When I was in college, my ass was here everyday for happy hour.

There is no greater aphrodisiac on this planet to me than a meat and cheese board. All of Spuntino’s cheeses are made on-site, right behind the bar. They have some kick-ass cocktails as well.

7. Autentico Oyster Bay, Long Island

I get emotional just thinking about Autentico. It is 100% worth the trip to the island. It’s a Long Island legend that a wealthy Long Island person visited Italy and fell in love with Autentico’s chef, and paid him to come to Oyster Bay and cook. IDK if that’s true but if I was rich I’d do the same because the food here is incredible. A completely innovative yet authentic menu, a gorgeous environment, and friendly service. Plus the desserts are to die for.

As my mom says, To Eat Good Food Is To Be Close To God. Buon appetito, lesbiche!

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