5 Amazing Queer Healers To Follow On Instagram Because Life Is Hard

Sometimes you just need crystals and witchy-vibes.

Healing crystals
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The planets have been causing a ruckus in our lives this summer. With Mercury in retrograde, the solar eclipse, and a new moon all happening right now—I figured we could all use some ~healing energies~.

To be honest,  social media more often than not elevates my anxiety and stress levels. However, I try to find balance by following people who post with positive, healing intentions. I firmly believe that the messages we can spread through our social media presence can uplift one another.

These are my 5 of my favorite queer healers to follow on Instagram. Whenever I’m having a really hard time, their energies and their words bring me some respite.

1. Trae Harris

Good Morning Nymphs and Nagas #messagefromabruja

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I recently went to one of Trae’s IRL workshops and was blown away. The knowledge that she has on everything witchy is incredible. She was blunt and honest, all while providing a nurturing space for everyone to explore the ritual we were being taught. If you’re in New York City, I highly recommend going to one of her awesomely witchy workshops. 

2. Singularity

Do you want to learn more about crystals? Of course, you do! If you’re looking for some crystal energy, Singularity is the healer for you. They provide detailed information on which crystals provide which energies. Beyond that, they also give tarot-readings and spiritual tips for your daily life! They are full of flowing energies that will give you so much life.

3. Bunny Michael



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Every time I see a post from Bunny, I feel so seen. Bunny and their higher self take to Instagram to provide inspiration and healing. Through love, they feel that we can heal all of the world’s troubles (And I think so too). When we listen to the higher being inside of our heads, we will come to an awakening that allows us to live through love, rather than jealousy and hate.

4. Nicole Roche


Good Morning🌿 The NYC July heat is here and my Leo heart is loving it. It’s also the last week of Cancer season and my last full week being 30, and I’m feeling reallllly good. This AM I took a little flavor risk and added my fave sunflower sprouts @unionsquaregrassman to my smoothie and it was the BEST decision. Delicious and nutritious ;)Take risks sometimes. I know this seems like a weird analogy-sprouts in a smoothie, but the point is fear holds us in a lot of ways. New things are scary. Breaking routine is ungrounding. I feel this A LOT. Sometimes you just have to take a deep breath and (for me) use the idea of “I might as well”. It helps with my anxiety too. I might as well make my bed, I might as well cook dinner or respond to email, I might as well drink an extra glass of water in the morning. I might as well apply to that program I have wanted to do. Or tell that person that you think they are wonderful. When something seems hard or different, take the breath and say to yourself I might as well try it. Usually you end up getting the truth-it may hurt, it may be clarifying, it may taste delicious and it may be the love of your life ( or one of them). It can start a new path. Try something new today, even if it is just a sprout. You might as well..Lotsss of love to you all💚✨🌿#vegan #thefoodiewitch #summer #smoothie #greensmoothie #moringa #sprouts #bannana #sunflower #green #greenglow #grounding #antioxidants #antianxiety #takerisks #plantbased #plantmagic #plantbasedprotein #goodmorning #glutenfree #farmfresh #skinfood #veganlove #whatveganseat #macaroot #adaptagens #guthealth #hearthealthy #superfoods #

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Who doesn’t love to heal through amazing and delicious food? Nicole gives you amazing recipes and inspiration for nutrition that will heal not only your body, but heal your soul! In each post, she brings to light why each ingredient is important and what it will do for your healing process.

5. Dacia Holliday

Dacia Holliday gives so much energy to her followers by learning more about tarot reading. She provides a safe space on the internet for queer femmes to go for empowerment, knowledge, and healing. She provides detailed explanations of certain tarot cards on her Instagram speckled in with inspirational quotes on love, the universe, and healing.

Healing is a form of self-care and collective love. From our current political climate to everyday stressors—life can become just too much sometimes. It’s okay to take a step back and care for yourself when that happens. When you take care of yourself, then you have the energy to give back to those you love. Maybe healing, crystals, and witchy vibes aren’t for you and that’s okay! We all have to navigate finding our path to self-care. Figure out what feels empowering and inspiration for you, then chase that.

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