Captivating Couples 2016: Part 2

Meet eight adorable duos and learn their secrets to enduring love

Carmen & Elise – New York,, NY
Carmen Perez, 29, finance, photographer
Elise Young, 30, personal trainer, social media fitness blogger
The first things Elise noticed about Carmen were “her words, mind and spirit.” Even before they met in person, Elise found herself intrigued by Carmen's online posts on social media. “Whether it was something she wrote or something she experienced, I was deeply attracted to her depth and massive heart,” Elise says. Carmen was also impressed by Elise’s humor and intelligence: “She is one of the wittiest people I know and has an amazing sense of humor to back it up. Her depth and ability to hold conversations covering an array of topics coupled with her curiosity, makes me swoon.” An example of Elise’s thoughtfulness? She drew inspiration for the ‘will you be my girlfriend’ question from Carmen’s favorite movie, Up. That, says Carmen, is pure “charm.” Since that day, the relationship has changed the way they love, by making Elise a “better person,” and helping Carmen grow. As millennials, the pair has noticed that their generation has some difficulty maintaining relationships, but they have advice for their peers. “Millennials have a hard time sticking things through and fighting through the rough patches,” they say. “Relationships shouldn’t be excluded from the list of things that require ‘work’ in life.”

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