Red Hot Entrepreneurs 2014

Leaders of the pack!

Founder and CEO, Jaguar & Company Clothier (Jag & Co.)

″You must be passionate about what you do each day of your life. If you don´t love what you do, you are doing the wrong thing,″ says E. Jaguar Beckford, an entertainment attorney who has branched into fashion entrepreneurship. ″Many people spend too many years fulfilling the dreams of others and regretting that they did not pursue their own. I do not want to live in regret. I´d like to encourage others not to.″ An experienced contract negotiator for artists, Beckford saw promising talents fail because they didn´t have a strong advocate to guide them in developing their brands—especially in the elite fashion world. Beckford launched Rainbow Fashion Week last June to spotlight her own menswear-inspired clothing line, Jaguar and Company, and help underrepresented designers, models, stylists, filmmakers and other creative types gain exposure. Mayor Bill de Blasio lauded Beckford´s brainchild with an official proclamation. The success of the eight-day event led Beckford to organize the Rainbow Fashion Week Dream Academy, a foreign-exchange program that sends students to Johannesburg, South Africa to collaborate with mentors in the fashion, entertainment and tech fields. The academy will debut in 2016, and until then, Beckford will continue to find inspiration in ″having women allow me to dress them in my clothing and seeing their metamorphoses. These people believe in me and what I am doing.″

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