100 Women We Love 2014

From professors, to musicians, to activists, we present to you 2014’s 100 Women We Love.


The ukulele is an underappreciated instrument. Guitars get all the attention; you don´t see rock stars being called ″ukulele gods.″ But LP, the LA transplant who just released her new studio album, Forever for Now, spotlights it in her dynamic, inspired songwriting and behind her powerful voice. Produced by Grammy-winning producer and Warner Bros. Records chairman Rob Cavallo (Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Dave Matthews Band), the album combines a hopeful and expansive tone with vintage rock swagger-for example, on the track ″Into the Wild″ (the earworm heard on CitiBank´s recent TV ad). It´s earned LP props from Vogue, Esquire, Billboard, The Los Angeles Times and many other media outlets. Forever for Now heralds a new phase in LP´s career: having started out as a performer years ago, the grind of endless gigging led her to focus on songwriting. She´s penned hits for Rihanna (″Cheers [Drink to That]″) and Christina Aguilera (″Beautiful People″). Yet singing and playing live is LP´s first love, and she´ll have more opportunities to do that now. ″To connect with people through playing songs you´ve written is a unique feeling that I don´t get anywhere else,″ she says. ″It´s what ultimately makes any struggle that you go through to create the songs worthwhile and fulfilling.″ -KL

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