100 Women We Love 2014

From professors, to musicians, to activists, we present to you 2014’s 100 Women We Love.

Julie Goldman

What were you doing in high school? Chances are, it wasn´t stand-up, but then again, we can´t all be Julie Goldman. From that early start, this amazingly talented actress/writer/producer has gone on to headline comedy shows; star in major cable network specials (on LOGO, Showtime and Comedy Central); and appear in numerous films and TV series, such as The People´s Couch, Roomies, Weeds, The Big Gay Sketch Show and Out at the Wedding. If you haven´t seen her riotous one-woman show Lady Gentleman, or her sidesplitting web series In Your Box Office (co-starring creative partner Brandy Howard), you´re missing-literally-two of the funniest experiences in life. Despite her lengthy list of credits, there are challenges Goldman has faced as a butch lesbian in the entertainment industry. ″I don´t think sexuality in general affects people´s careers unless you look a certain way, [but] I am a masculine lady gentleman, and that has absolutely been a blessing and a curse. I wouldn´t change a thing, though, and I feel very grateful for having learned and experienced everything I have-the good, the bad, and the manly-due to the way I look.″ Anyway, she says, ″at this point, there´s no turning back because I have no other skills.″ We´re so glad! -GH

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