100 Women We Love 2014

From professors, to musicians, to activists, we present to you 2014’s 100 Women We Love.

Jennifer Knapp

It´s never easy to come out, but it requires a special brand of courage if you´re a Christian music star. Jennifer Knapp, who revealed her orientation in 2010, possesses that special brand of courage in spades. Still, she says, ″I underestimated how damaging and volatile Christians can be towards the LGBT community.″ Others, however, were far more understanding-the revelation did not affect relationships with family or friends, nor did it spell the end of her career. In fact, her 2010 album Letting Go debuted at number 73 on the Billboard Hot 200 chart. In 2011, she began Inside Out Faith, an advocacy organization for LGBT people of faith. She has a new album coming out later this year, and this October, she will be releasing her memoir, Facing the Music: Discovering Real Life, Real Love and Real Faith. But as fantastic as all those accomplishments are, they still pale in comparison to the larger victory. ″I am proud to be me,″ says Knapp. ″To be able to say that, unashamed, everywhere I go-that´s a kind of success that keeps you going.″ -GH

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