100 Women We Love 2014

From professors, to musicians, to activists, we present to you 2014’s 100 Women We Love.

Sandra Valls

Being a lesbian is never easy in comedy, nor is being a Latina. And if you´re both? Well, you´ve got your work cut out for you. Still, Sandra Valls has never let anything stop her. She performs sold-out shows around the country, appeared in two Showtime comedy specials, and is widely celebrated as one of the world´s funniest lesbian comics. She admits, though, that the journey hasn´t always been easy, particularly considering that she´s never been closeted. ″If you are defining success as fame and money and opportunity, then yes, it´s been quite difficult to ´make it´ as an out lesbian,″ she says. ″But if you´re defining success as fulfilling the mission you were sent to do on Earth-[which for me is] doing what I love, comedy and singing and performing, getting to travel and meet amazing people all over the world who love me, and getting paid for it-then yes, I´m very, very, very successful.″ A passionate activist, Valls uses her success to help others, working on comedy shows to benefit AIDS, domestic violence, LGBT rights and sobriety. Oh, and as if that weren´t enough, she´s an accomplished actor, singer and author, too. Learn more about this very funny (and very busy) lady at her official website, welovesandra.com. -GH

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