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Porn sites that do not suck!

Porn is a hot button issue in the world of lesbians and queer women. So when Buzzfeed re-leased a report analyzing data concerning the 44 million users of the porn giant (, I was incredibly interested in what their researchers had uncovered.

Using Google Analytics, they discovered that women were 445 percent more likely to search for the term “girl on girl” while viewing online porn. The analytics data does not track identities, but with the sheer volume of lesbian-related search terms by female users, it’s safe to say there are many straight women who thoroughly enjoy lesbian content.

When I say lesbian content, I mean porn that features two or more women, not necessarily porn created either for women or for people who identify as lesbian or queer as its target audience. Despite the fact that lesbian porn is 132 percent more likely to be viewed by women than men—according to—it’s still created with the male viewer in mind.

When I was researching this article, I asked my followers on Instagram @dopesontheroad what they thought of mainstream lesbian porn. The most common response was that actual lesbians and queer people are not the intended audience. One Instagrammer said she felt like lesbian porn was too fake and contrived. Another said she felt like there were better lesbian sex scenes in rated R movies. The overwhelming theme is that the best porn comes from within the community.

With that in mind, I’m bringing you my all-time favorite porn sites made for and by our community. These sites create content featuring diverse bodies, people of color and masculine of center imagery that the mainstream porn industry is severely lacking. The best part is that they use real people with real bodies having sex in ways that are relatable to lesbians. It feels honest and authentic.

Crash Pad (
Crash Pad started in 2005 and for the last decade, they’ve delivered incredible content.

Queer Porn TV (
Queer Porn TV is open access hard-core porn with an emphasis on kink, BDSM and queer sex education.

Indie Porn Revolution (
Indie Porn Revolution is all about subversive smut. They focus on porn content that is outside the realm of the mainstream.

Juicy Pink Box (
Juicy Pink Box is the most similar to mainstream porn sites on this list. While the content is made for and by the lesbian community, their production comes off as more high-end.



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