Dani Campbell

Most of us know Dani Campbell as the foxy Floridian firefighter contestant on the first season of MTV’s reality show A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila. Although Tila chose Bobby in the end, Campbell is enjoying newfound fame. “I’ve been spending a lot of time on getting my clothing line, Futch Apparel up and running. My business partner and I try to add a new piece of clothing every month. We’re hoping to have an entire collection by September 2008,” she reports. She’s also filming a top-secret new show for LOGO and sharing her experience through various speaking engagements. “I want people to really embrace what they believe in and stand up for their rights…,” Campbell says. “The one thing I always tell people of all ages is, ‘If you’re not proud of who you are…then how can anyone else be?’”. –KL

In no particular order…