100 Women We Love 2007

We present to you this year’s selection of 100 out women who have made an impact on the community. Meet the class of 2007.

Art Gallery? Check. Food Column in Bust Magazine? Check. Radio show? Check. Inventive, outrageous catering business that guarantees nothing short of a party in your mouth? You guessed it: check. But a list of accomplishments isn’t the only thing that makes Chef Rossi someone you want to stand next to at a party. It’s her candid, infectious charm. Rossi’s unrelenting energy has shaped what used to be a hobby into the successful, sought-after Raging Skillet, a venture that nourishes her “anti-caterer” reputation. Tofu pastrami rubens, salmon tandoori and cilantro chutney currently top her list of personal favorites, but they’re appetizers compared to the anatomically correct portions she served during V-Day. “We considered doing a chocolate covered vagina for dessert but…we settled on a woman’s lips.” –IJ?

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