100 Women We Love 2007

We present to you this year’s selection of 100 out women who have made an impact on the community. Meet the class of 2007.

Heather Matarazzo
Matarazzo, instantly recognizable as the girl in 1995’s Welcome to the Dollhouse, is the youngest out lesbian in Hollywood. Currently starring in Hostel: Part II, Matarazzo, who has over 35 film credits to her name, publicly declared her sexuality in 2004, when she was just 21, on the red carpet at a premiere of The Princess Diaries 2. “It was the end of a long press day and I’d been asked ‘do you have a prince charming’ by every reporter,” says Matarazzo, now 24. “So finally I just said ‘No, but I have a princess charming!’” Matarazzo started acting at age 7 (around the same time as her first kiss with her best friend) and spent her childhood shuttling between movie sets and her parents’ Long Island home. Incredibly down-to-earth, the Manhattan resident recently began volunteering with New York’s Harvey Milk High School. Next up? Logo’s Exes and Oh’s. –MW

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