100 Women We Love: Class of 2017

Every June, GO compiles a select list of talented tastemakers, influencers and all-around inspirational women who are making their mark on the LGBT community and on the world at large.

Angela Davis Fegan

Photo by Michael Sullivan of On The Real Film

Angela Davis Fegan doesn’t mind if you steal her posters off the wall. Her art/activism series, The Lavender Menace Poster Project, is something she wants to be shared. Using gorgeous, colorful typeface and backgrounds, the printmaker displays queer and POC-focused messaging (i.e. “We Want Agency and Voice Beyond The Dance Floor,” “Assimilation is Violence,”) and hangs them up in bathrooms, bars and other public spaces around Chicago. “I want the Lavender Menace posters to teach you that you’re not isolated,” Fegan says. “We’re constantly being sold the idea that you’re isolated, you’re alone, that your voice is small. There are people out there who agree with you or are in the same position and I really just wanted to counter fear of occupying public space.” Next up, a book compiling her work from the project, which has also been on display in several galleries, museums and universities. “I went into art because I loved drawing and over time I have learned many means of reproduction and expression,” Fegan says. “I like using my hands and putting physical labor into desirable objects that amplify my voice.” —TB

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