100 Women We Love: Class of 2017

Every June, GO compiles a select list of talented tastemakers, influencers and all-around inspirational women who are making their mark on the LGBT community and on the world at large.

Kayko Tamaki

Photo courtesy Kayko Tamaki

Artist and hypnotherapist Kayko Tamaki is dedicated to helping women survive life’s challenges. Splitting her time between the Bay Area and her native Hawaii, Tamaki offers pro-bono healing sessions for women battling cancer, and has volunteered with minority girls, domestic violence survivors and women’s groups. Two of her other passions are photography and videography, which have taken her to India and Japan to create a visual “time capsule” of her elders’ stories. She’s now working on a documentary about death and grief, building on her experience of losing her own mother and managing a grief program for children and families at a hospice as a grief counselor. Tamaki is also a well-known figure in the LGBTQ community, boasting a strong following on Instagram and her personal blog. “As a population that has faced and is still facing the challenges of being treated as equals, we have come a long way from a history of pain,” she says. Having organized events and fundraisers where queer women connect and celebrate together, she recognizes that “we’ve made leaps and bounds on the road to equality, yet there is still more road to be walked.” On that road, she says, “we must take care of one another and support one another—even support those who don’t support us.” –SLO

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