10 Super Sexy Lesbian, Bi and Queer Girl Valentine’s Day Gifts

You *need* one of this sexy little treats.

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Greetings, babes. February is two days away and you know what that means… You have to start shopping for Valentines Day.

Whether your bae, hookup, best friend, or vibrator is your Valentine, you need one of this sexy little treats. My single ass doesn’t have a Valentine, but I don’t even feel bad about it because I’m rolling in lingerie, sex toys, and makeup. So whether you’re gearing up to shower your girlfriend in lavish gifts, scream-singing Alanis Morissette at your local gay karaoke night, or planning to drink and masturbate all day (me), here at 10 amazing queer products that will make your V Day the best one yet.

1. LoveHoney Seven ’til Midnight Wine Velvet Bra and High Waist Thong Set

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Our friends at LoveHoney sent me this absolutely gorgeous, decadent set and I am in love. The back features the sexiest cut-out details and makes your ass look perfecto! The texture is ~smooth~ and luxurious. The color is deep and striking. This is the classic Valentine’s Day set. It’s red hot, baby.

2. Wet For Her Fusion

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Babes… this dildo is divine. Wet For Her’s toys are specifically designed by queer women for queer women. Its base is designed to stimulate the wearer’s clit at the same time the receiver is getting f*cked. Fabulous! As a switch, I can tell you from either end, this toy is amazing. I have the small size and would honestly prefer it bigger, so be sure to read their size charts and know what you like before ordering.

It is made of velvety silicone and is free of phthalates. It is compatible with SpareParts harness, but I used it with my RodeoH harness and it worked perfectly. This is the perfect way to top off your Valentines Day plans.

3. LoveHoney Baci Lingerie Strappy Lace Bra and Panties Set

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I own a lot of strappy black lingerie, and this set is my all time favorite. It is one sized and has a lot of stretch. It doesn’t give me the ‘baked ham’ look that some other tight strappy black pieces do. This one is perfection. For all my femme-goth-chic babes, this is the set for you.

4. Fifty Shades Freed Cherished Collection Leather and Suede Paddle

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Babes that like to be spanked, you’re welcome. Bougie babes that like luxury, you’re welcome. Consider this the Cadillac of paddles. It comes wrapped in a decadent dark purple velvet sheath, to reveal the gorgeous leather and rose gold paddle. On one side, leather promises a nice, hard spank while the other soft suede side soothes your stinging skin.

5. Fluide Makeup

Our fab friends at Fluide let us try lipsticks, glitter, and nail polish and let’s just say they left us shook. The vibrant colors! The shine! The pigment! The quality! My personal favorite is the lippie “Silver Future.” I feel like a sexy cyborg which is, you know, my brand. Their glitter is “Electric Sea” is my other favorite — you’ll look like a cute little queer mermaid. I love to sprinkle some on my collar bones to spice up an all-black outfit. Beat your face to gods this Valentines Day. You deserve it.

The best part is Fluide’s mission: “Fluide is where we meet our irreverent, otherworldly selves. An irresistible future where radical inventiveness & queer kinship thrives. To us, beauty is malleable, political, powerful, play. We are they. We are them. We are you. We are Fluide. Giving is central to our mission. Fluide donates a portion of all sales to organizations supporting the health + legal rights of the LGBTQ community. LGBTQ health center Callen Lorde and the Sylvia Rodriguez Law Project are the current recipients of Fluide’s company giving.”

6. Meet Me At Midnight Spaceboots One Piece

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How hot is this little get-up? Perfect for the gay club.

7. Fifty Shades Darker Adrenaline Spikes Metal Wartenberg Pinwheel

Photo by lovehoney.com

Honestly just looking at this photo makes me both turned on and scared. The perfect combo for a little Valentine’s Day ~experimentation~.

8. Latex Heart Bum Panty by Abigail Greydanus

Photo by Abigail Greydanus

How cute are these latex panties by queer femme designer Abigail Greydanus? I can’t think of a more perfect Valentines Day outfit.

9. Wet For Her Union Double Dildo

Photo by wetforher.com

Okay, so this one takes a little practice, to be honest. A revolutionary toy, this is basically a strap-on without the harness –because the dildo fits inside of you. Like I said, you need to play around with positions and pacing to get this right, but once you do… practice makes perfect.

10. Leather Coven Inanna Bra Harness

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The queer-owned leather coven has all of your kinky leather needs covered. Wear this fab bra under a chunky sweater out to dinner, then slip it off when you get home and let the fun begin.

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