The Dinah 2018: 10 Non-Basic Femme AF Looks To Rock At The White Party

Go beyond the tired white jeans and white blazer lesbian uniform!

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Hey, lezzies. Dinah is fast approaching and if you want to meet your future wife or your next ~hook-up~ at the white party, you’re going to need to look fly.

Lots of lezzies have this party on lock because they look hot AF in a white blazer and white jeans. But I happen to look like shit in a blazer, and if you, dear queer, do too, here are a list of ten sexy FEMME outfits you can wear to Dinah’s white party without looking like a confused Shane wanna-be.

(Butch white party looks coming in the next article!)

1. Maxi Dress Angel

This is at my dentist office lmao

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I know we told you to ditch your leather jacket, and you totally should, but if you can’t bear the thought of being separated from it, at least pair it with a cute white maxi dress. I got this one from Amazon, where I get most of my outfits. No shame.

2. Slutty Stevie Nicks

Photo by Little Black Diamond

White is bridal. White is pure. Lace is hot. Lace gets you laid. White lace makes all the Dinah girls stare. Might I suggest my all-time favorite lace bodysuit from Little Black Diamond?

3. The Sex Bomb

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Slut it up in a corset to turn heads. Like this ridiculously sexy one from I.AM.GIA.

4. The Bae Watch

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Okay, okay, I know you can’t show up to an indoor party in a bikini but I just thought you babes needed to know about Our managing editor Corinne Kai recently showed me this website, and let me tell you, honey, you need one of these suits for Dinah.

5. Simple Slut Uniform

Easy. Breezy. Slutty girl. If you’re like me what you’re wearing matters, but how your boobs look matters more, then might I introduce you to the simple slut uniform? Make the main focus your body and wear a simple white tank and white shorts.

6. Unapologetically Extra AF

You can never be overdressed or overeducated. Or too gay.

7. Sheer Body Suit Chic

Photo by Capulet/Revolve

If you’re feeling extra lit, and of course you are, you’re at THE DINAH– then perhaps pair a sexy sheer white body suit with some white or rainbow pasties? You naughty thing you.

8. Jumpsuit Bae (aka The Bette) 

Photo by Missguided


Nobody can resist a power lez.

9. Kinky Kitten

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I can’t think of anything hotter TBH.

10. White Bralette and White Jeans

Basically, my everyday uniform is some form of a bralette and high waisted bottoms.

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