10 Lesbian Herstory Personal Ads That Are Sexier and Wittier Than Tinder’s Wildest Dreams

“You can call me daddy or Liz.”

If you don’t follow Herstory Personals on Instagram, then stop what you are doing and follow immediately. Seriously.

Herstory Personals is a collection of personal ads written by queer babes in search of love and lust. Inspired by the 1980s/90s “On Our Backs” Personal Ads, queer folks put together their wittiest, sexiest and dreamiest words, hoping for a dream babe to respond. “On Our Backs” was the first women-run erotica magazine and the first magazine to feature lesbian erotica and real personal ads. So you could imagine my delight when I discovered there is a virtual Insta-version! The ads are AMAZING. Queer women are so funny, naughty and well spoken. *swoon*

Herstory Personals is basically a more artistic, gay version of Tinder. Instead of swiping based on a picture, you read a snapshot of what someone is looking for, and message if you fit the part. Like I said, these ads are seriously beautiful. They are no joke—there’s a long waiting list to have yours posted. Women have made real-life connections and relationships thanks to these Herstory Personal Ads. After posting, queer people like and comment on it, and if you’re extra lucky, direct message you and ask you out. I think this is the best thing to happen to lesbians since The L Word.

GO proudly presents a round-up of what we think are some of the best Herstory Personal Ads. The author is tagged and looking for connection, so reach out if you’re down! <3

1.Magic Mega Feelings@Jodilamac

What’s better than crepes and hot sex?

2. Hungry Heart@dweenheroine

Ummmm…excuse me while I change my panties.

3. Speaks Softly and Carries Big Dildo@gaycolesprouse

Honestly, like, I’m taking deep breaths at my desk. I have…~feelings~ about that scene. Gay Cole Sprouse, I’m not a Mrs. Robinson type but I think I love you.

4. Femme in Search of Love@emp.irical

This is so beautiful it reads like poetry. Someone wife this girl.

5. Butch Denim Daddy@butch_hands

Yes daddy.

6. Let’s Keep It SpicyZoegraydon_

“Fuck the system, then fuck each other.” Can I tattoo that quote?

7. Bionic Babe@walkingintospiderwebs

I couldn’t have said it better myself… 😉

8. 2 Feral Femmes for 2 Daddies @dogzine & @femme5ever

If this isn’t best friend goals, then I don’t know what is.

9. Masochist Goat@thezodiacnovels

Every girl loves a little mystery. Too bad I’m a Leo!

10. Old School Butch – @bucknizle

“You can call me daddy or Liz.”

You can submit your very own Herstory Personal Ad during their next call for submissions in November.

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