Cultmas 23 at The Keep

Cultmas 23 at The Keep was full of mesmerizing performances and was a gift in itself! Thanks to our host, Maria Tsaguriya and to all of the amazing performers; Michelle Joni, Amazing Amy, Geminemesis, MC Mixson, Elena Barbara, Laura Orfanelli, Mitchell Murdock, Lysistrata Wong, Sepora, Leona Beretta, Eric Likhtiger, Yue Yu and Caritas Young for a magical evening. DJ Kaitlyn Mills and DJ John Swan tore up their tables and kept our blood rushing! Special shout out to all the amazing vendors; Cult Party, BreadxButta, Chrisi M. Gabriel, Tarot readings by Staci Ivori, Rohana Shaine Vandermark, Gilding Primal Instinct & Rockturn Leather.