XOXA: Femme Turf-Techno

XOXA’s Femme Turf-Techno was the perfect combo of Party + FREE pizza + dope DJ(s) Dgeral, Lethal Trip and Darelectric! The vibes were good, the music was LIT, and the pizza was delicious. #Wewerethere! Were you?!

XOXA Cosmic House of Senses

XOXA’s Cosmic House of Senses at House of Yes was a blast! DJ HardCandy, DJ Darelectric, and DJ Kate Garvey were out of this world. Henna by Hannah Beth, Body Painting by Michael Trotter, Galactic Glitter Station by Mae Ahern, Queer alien burlesque by Gia Fagnelli, Pole dancing by Gia Fagnelli, Visuals by Kelly Xi, and Wanderdusted by vendor Erin Wong kept everyone entertained. #Wewerethere! Were you?!

XOXA’s Haunted House of Senses

XOXA’s Haunted House of Senses brings you a new kind of spooky experience. Erotic and dark performances are featured among interactive art installations that heighten your senses! #WeWereThere! Were you?!