friends and lovers

Dyke Nite by Dyke Bar Takeover!

Dyke Nite hosted by Dyke Bar Takeover at Friends and Lovers donated all proceeds to Princess Janae Place, “dedicated to helping trans people maximize their full potential by providing residential, educational, clinical, and recreational services that create and nurture connections to the community and the world.” It was a night of music thanks to DJ Andro, Frilucha and Santa Librada. The Sparkly Ass Coven blessed us with an incredible burlesque performance. #Wewerethere! Were you?!

Cheers Queers

Cheers Queers at Friends and Lovers was super cute thanks to host and resident DJ Tikka Masala! It was a party in the front and a comedy show in the back. #Wewerethere! Were you?!

Dyke Nite

Dyke Nite hosted by Dyke Bar Take Over at Friends and Lovers was the perfect way to celebrate and honor our vets this past Veterans Day. Veterans attended free of charge and all proceeds went to NYC Chapter of American Veterans for Equal Rights (AVER): American Veterans for Equal Rights (AVER) is a non-profit, non-partisan, chapter-based Veterans Service Organization of active, reserve, and veteran service members dedicated to full and equal rights and equitable treatment for all present and former members of the U.S. Armed Forces, especially the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender current and prior military personnel who have been historically disenfranchised by armed forces policy and discriminatory laws governing military service and benefits. Shout out to DJ Andro and Jade Zabric for their lovely live music! Stunning burlesque performances by Buckwild Soulchild, La Pobresita, and Foxy Belle Afriq left us wanting more!

Cheers Queers at Friends and Lovers

Cheers Queers hosted by DJ Tikka Masala at Friends and Lovers was super cute and classy! DJ Tikka Masala always slays her sets and brings out the sweetest crowd! We were there! Were you?!

Cheers Queers

Thanks to curator/DJ Tikka Masala Cheers Queers is a community event the first Saturday of every month at Friends and Lovers from 6pm to 10pm. Get ready to shake it to hiphop, dancehall, international bangers and RnB July 1st if you missed out!