Cynthia Russo

Femme Fatale 2018

Femme Fatale at Hudson Terrace was on FIRE thanks to NYC Pride, Stacy of Stonewall, Kate of LovergirlNYC, Cynthia Russo, and SPICENYC! #Wewerethere! Were you?!

KrashNYC Pure Love T-Dance

KrashNYC Pure Love T-Dance at The DL was an incredible party with DJ Mary Mac and Norty Cotto and a special performance by Crystal Waters all thanks to JR & Cynthia Russo! Shout out to Crazy Maria Cherry Lips for being the best host! #Wewerethere! Were you?!

Fuzion: Love is Love

Fuzion Love is Love hosted by Crazy Maria Cherry Lips and brought to you by girlNATIONnyc, Lovergirlnyc, Cynthia Russo, NYDreamGyrl, Shameen, and Las Reinas Ent, at Retro Club NYC was a blast with DJ Lena and DJ Queen of Spades spinning the hottest beats! #Wewerethere! Were you?!

Buddha Bar: Lisa S & Cassie Duprey’s Birthday Bash!

Buddha Bar at Taj was a BLAST with a killer DJ lineup; DJ Mary Mac, DJ Missy B, DJ MK, and DJ Kim B SLAYED! All thanks to the combined efforts of Cynthia Russo, Lisa S, Cassie Duprey of NYDreamGYRL, and Kate Frawley of LoverGirl NYC, Lisa and Cassie celebrated their birthdays in style! #Wewerethere! Were you?!

Fuzion: It’s a SAG Thing!

Fuzion: It’s a SAG Thing, celebrated promoters Cynthia Russo and Lori Torres’ Birthdays at a new venue, Retro Club NYC. This was a birthday bash you didn’t want to miss with DJ Mary Mac and DJ Melly Mel on deck! Hosted by Crazy Maria Cherry Lips and made possible by Kate of LGNYC, GirlnationNYC, NYDreamGirl, Shameen, Cynthia Russo, Hana Love, and Las Reinas Ent. #Wewerethere Were you?!

Hot Turkey

SPICE NYC in association with girlNATIONnyc & Cynthia Russo presents the return of Hot Turkey, NYC’s Thanksgiving Eve mega dance party at Monarch. International DJ Tatiana and DJ Average Jo packed the dance floor! #Wewerethere! Were you?!

FuZion: Fall Fest Day LGBT Party

FuZion: Fall Fest Day LGBT Party at the DL was a blast with DJ Melly Mel & DJ Queen of Spades heating up the dance floor on this chilly fall afternoon! Thanks to Las Renias Ent, Cynthia Russo, Crazy Maria Cherry Lips, GirlNationNYC, Kate of lovergirlnyc, and NYdreamgyrl for making this party possible! #Wewerethere! Were you?!

Sugah & Scare’s Halloween Sunset Yacht Cruise

Sugah & Scares Halloween Sunset Yacht Cruise was an EPIC night that has raised the bar for all boat parties to come! Special thanks to Cynthia Russo and Las Reinas Ent. for making it all possible and to host Crazy Maria Cherry Lips for getting our blood flowing. DJ Melly Mel and DJ Lena kept the boat rockin all night long!

Fuzion: End of Summer Party at The DL Rooftop

DJ Mary Mac and DJ Lena SLAYED Fuzion’s End of Summer Rooftop party at The DL! Thanks to hosts LoverGirlNYC,Cynthia Russo, Shameen, Las Reinas, and GirlNationNYC for making this dope party possible!


KRASH NYC at Lovage Rooftop SOLD OUT and went sky high with the sassy, sexy, superstars NINA SKY! DJ Mary Mac, DJ Lady Chellez and DJ Norty Cotto packed the dance floor the entire night! Special thank you shout out to all the partners; JR Valdes, Cynthia Russo, Lori Torres, Jose M X Herrera, Alejandro Concepcion- LairEvents, Nikki Hill- spicenyc, Russell Cruz, JT Tibvrcio, and Lindsay Benjamin that made this legendary night happen!

100 Women We Love: Class of 2017

Every June, GO compiles a select list of talented tastemakers, influencers and all-around inspirational women who are making their mark on the LGBT community and on the world at large.