Bizarre Bushwick

F*ck You Revue: Hot Stuff!

The F*ck You Revue heated up the stage at, “Hot Stuff,” this past Tuesday night at Bizarre Bushwick! Featuring The MaineAttraction, Ekaterina, Tigger-James Ferguson, Gigi Bonbon, Johnny Panic, Tansy, Broody Valentino, Darlinda Just Darlinda, Calamity Chang “The Asian Sexsation” and hosted by the lovely Fancy Feast. DJ Ron Fresh Prince of Darkness was super spicy and sexy stage tech Wae Messed ran the stage seamlessly! #Wewerethere Were you?!

F*cksgiving 2017: Stuff It!

The F*ck You Revue is proud to celebrate the annual tradition of F*cksgiving, an alternate celebration where we gather to honor everything that gets left out in this holiday. This month, guest hosts Glenn Marla and Faux Pas le Fae will be presenting a star studded cast of all trans and non-binary performers as they share their joy, their rage, and everything in between.

The F Word

Fancy Feast and Zoe Ziegfeld have created an incredibly special burlesque show every third Tuesday of the month at Bizarre in Bushwick. The Fuck You Revue is a radically inclusive event that seeks to broaden our understanding of the human experience and challenge the status quo. This month’s show, The F Word, celebrated an all-star cast of fat performers. Next month, the theme is strongwomen. This is definitely a show you do not want to miss!