Red Hot Entrepreneurs

Owning it 2012

Our exclusive entrepreneurs roundtable on small business success

Workin’ It 2008

Brokers, Bakers & Girl Party Makers. These self-starters have each found their niche.

Owning It (Part 2) 8 Red Hot Entrepreneurs 2007

These inventive spirits bootstrapped, crunched numbers and single-handedly redefined “the boss.” Here, they’ll tell you about finding personal success at the ends of their entrepreneurial rainbows.

Owning It (Part 1) 17 Red Hot Entrepreneurs 2007

Armed with steadfast courage, wit and a savvy sense of business, these 17 out women have grabbed the entrepreneurial torch—chasing dreams, breaking stereotypes and forging the way for the next generation of DIY moguls.

Out On Top 2006

Inspired by near-death experience, powerful mothers, chocolate chip cookies, vibrant colors and the Welsh military, the out women behind ten successful businesses are proving that entrepreneurship is a combination of savvy, coincidence, and inexhaustible passion. Presenting the power of ten lesbian-run businesses out on top and rising.