The Best In Queer Travel

Meet Me in Minneapolis

The queerer of the Twin Cities, the cosmopolitan City of Lakes is home to a killer food scene, fabulous art and plenty of hotspots to meet the Upper Midwestern soulmate of your dreams.

A Lesbian in Paris

Paris has long been known as a romantic refuge for expatriates, artists and progressive poets, but has it kept true to its legacy?

National Park Vacays

Want to celebrate the National Park Service’s centennial, but have a paralyzing fear of the outdoors? Follow our tips and give these great wonders a chance. 

Dig Into Dublin

Ireland’s progressive capital city—the home of Guinness and Jameson—abounds with celebrated…

Punta Cana = Paradise

This LGBT-friendly slice of heaven in the Dominican Republic is the perfect Caribbean winter getaway

Viva LItalia

With its vast history, picturesque natural beauty, and mind-blowing art and architecture, Italy is one of the loveliest countries on earth. And although it’s still predominantly Catholic and socially conservative, the tide of LGBT acceptance is shifting.

Spellbound in Stockholm

For centuries, Stockholm has served as the Scandinavian capital of opulence, architecture and fashion.

Proud in Prague

Visiting this gay-friendly city is like a voyage into a gorgeous, living time capsule.