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Why This Bisexual Asian Woman is Marching

Elissa Ha, a bisexual member of the NYC Chapter of the Women’s March on Washington, shares with GO why she got involved and why she’ll be marching with thousands of other women this Saturday.

GO’s Best of Lesbian/Bi/Queer Women Pop Culture 2016

2016 has been ripe with bad news, hard losses and tragic events, right up until the very end. But there was a lot to celebrate for queer women as well that should not go unmentioned as we close another year. This is GO’s list of the best in Lesbian/Bi Pop Culture.

10 YouTube Videos Every Baby Queer Should Watch

YouTube is full of knowledge. What’s so great about the vast amount of knowledge on YouTube is that it’s accessible, meaning literally anyone can search for what they’re looking for free and hear another person’s experience on that topic (yay accessibility!!!).

Butterscotch Melts the Mic

Multitalented beatbox champion and recently out, all-around musical wunderkind, Butterscotch, is breaking down barriers with her new EP and single, “Accept Who I Am,” which tackles issues of social justice, racism and identity—proving that “a woman’s place” is anywhere she wants to go. 

Baby Steps

Athena Reich on becoming a single lesbian mom by choice.

12th Annual Where To Guide to NYC at Pride

Whether it’s your first visit to Gotham or you’re a native New Yorker, you’ll get the most out of Pride with our picks of where to eat, shop and play. From burgers to bookstores, lox to lube, movies to museums, we’ve scoped out the queer-friendly spots. Get out and explore the city that never sleeps!

City (E)scapes

Explore two North American cities-Philadelphia and Halifax-
perfect destinations for a summertime sojourn.