Queer Women History Forgot: Rita Hester

For Women’s History Month, GO is celebrating LGBTQ women we wish we could have learned about in high school history class.  Rita Hester was a beloved Bostonian, a 34-year-old Black trans woman who Reverand Irene Monroe said “everybody knew … especially in the trans community and in the African-American LGBTQ communities.” A musician, dancer and drag …

Guys We Love: J Mase III

The Black Trans Queer poet who’s making space for his community to be unapologetic in their anger and their joy.

Queer Women Authors and Characters of YA & Children’s Books

If we view YA novels as echoes of their authors’ lives, then for the younger (and marginalized) LGBTQ audience, these novelists’ experiences mirrored through their work serve as invaluable touchstones that provide much-needed voices of reason, sympathy and identification to relate to on the page.