We Were There

Hot Rabbit Bad Habit

Hot Rabbit’s Bad Habit party at Lot 45 was on FIRE thanks to DJ Trx, DJ Elosi, and tarot reader Chiquita Brujita! #Wewerethere! Were you?!

Misster Wednesday at the Woods

Misster Wednesday at the Woods was epic thanks to your host/ DJ Amber Valentine and DJ AVG JO! This is the only place to be on Wednesday nights! #Wewerethere! Were you?!

HER Lube Wrestling Throw Down Powered By Muse

HER Lube Wrestling THROW DOWN powered by MUSE and hosted by Hot Rabbit was incredible!! DJ Mary Mac pumped us up for an amazing show and the wrestlers did NOT disappoint! #Wewerethere! Were you?!

GirlNationNYC 14 Year Anniversary Party at Stonewall Inn

GirlNationNYC’s 14 year anniversary party at The Stonewall Inn was a special night thanks to DJ Kristine Bungay, the fabulous dancer Noella, and most importantly- your hostess, Hana Love! Cheers to another fantastic 14 years to come! #Wewerethere! Were you?!

Hot Rabbit: THEMbot

Hot Rabbit’s new party THEMbot at 3 Dollar Bill was incredible! This venue is insane- the dance floor is gigantic, the back patio serves tacos, and there’s a pool table! #Wewerethere! Were you?!


PAT at Union Pool is always a guaranteed good time- rain or shine, thanks to your hosts Amber Valentine and JD Samson! DJs Johnny Dynell, Jlmr, Hannah Lou, Liam Benzvi, and Tyler Jensen had us dancing all our worries away! #Wewerethere! Were you?!

Babetown Jell-o Wrestling Tournament

Babetown Jell-o Wrestling Tournament was hands down the best Babetown event yet! Congrats to Alex Koones for celebrating two years of Babetown! #Wewerethere! Were you?!

$2 Margarita Tuesday at Cubbyhole

$2 Margarita Tuesday at Cubbyhole is the place to be on a Tuesday night in the West Village; the drinks are yummy, the bartenders are sweet, and the company is great! #Wewerethere! Were you?!

Gingers Bar

Everyone at Ginger’s Bar was all smiles this past weekend. The back patio was super cute and the pool table was HOT! Special thanks to our fantastic bartenders! #Wewerethere! Were you?!

Bushwig 2018

Bushwig 2018 was a BLAST at the Knockdown Center; the performances dropped our jaws, the pop-up show made us squeal with joy, and we can’t wait until next year! #Wewerethere! Were you?!

DapperQ NYFW: Dress Code

DapperQ’s fifth annual NYFW runway show, “Dress Code” was a huge success at the Brooklyn Museum; breaking barriers engrained in the fashion industry! Models of all sizes, ability, and color graced us with looks that crushed gender roles in style. #Wewerethere! Were you?!

Hot Rabbit at DROM

Hot Rabbit at DROM was on fire with DJ Jclef spinning; Kazzmatazza & Omari Mizrahi dancing, and a classy burlesque performance by Zoe Ziegfeld! #Wewerethere! Were you?!

Be Cute

Be Cute at littlefield was SUPER cute with a stunning line-up including; Charlene, Ragamuffin, Vigor Mortis, Mary Con, and Miss Malice! Special thanks to our host Horrorchata and DJs Hannah Lou, Jcleff, and Uncle Larry! #Wewerethere! Were you?!

LezVolley’s After Party at Cherry’s

Everyone gathered at Cherry’s for LezVolley’s after party to celebrate the friendly competition. DJ Stacy and DJ Susan Levine slayed their sets and helped us unwind! #Wewerethere! Were you?!

Haute Sauce

Haute Sauce resident DJ Adair and DJ Niara Sterling packed the dance floor in the back room at C’mon Everybody. These girls know how to throw a banger! #Wewerethere! Were you?!

Misster at The Woods

Misster Wednesdays at The Woods was LIT with your host/ DJ Amber Valentine and DJ AVG JO! You definitely missed out if you were anywhere else on Wednesday night. #Wewerethere! Were you?!