We Were There

Pier Pressure

Pier Pressure gave us a sexy Pride night out! #Wewerethere! Were you?!

NYC Dyke March 2018

The annual NYC Dyke March had powerful messages for #45 against ICE, deportation, and family separation.

NYC Pride March 2018

NYC’s Pride Parade was packed with people living their best lives out, loud, and most importantly PROUD! #Wewerethere! Were you?!

Mermaid Parade 2018

The Mermaid Parade is a spectacle every year — rainbow colors, glitter, fins and beautiful merpeople!

SPICE NYC Bikini Blast

SPICE NYC’s annual pride party Bikini Blast set the bar at Monarch Rooftop Bar! DJ Christie & DJ Nikki Lions pumped us up and New Fame’s performance knocked us off our feet! Special shout out to host Karma Jayy and Nikki Hill for making this evening possible! #Wewerethere! Were you?!

Long Beach Pride

Long Beach Pride was fabulous regardless of the overcast weather, nothing could keep these people from shinning with unconditional love for their fellow humans. #Wewerethere! Were you?!

Hot Rabbit’s Bad Habit Brooklyn Pride After Party

Bad Habit’s Brooklyn Pride after party was LIT all thanks to your curator Emily Hall Maresca! The DJ line up was fire with DJ Mary Mac, DJ Monstar and DJ Scotty Rox. Vogue-Go Magic by Omari Mizrahi and the House of Olympus left us dazzled per usual! Special shout out to host Luna Paradise! #Wewerethere! Were you?!

Brooklyn Pride Fest & Parade

Brooklyn’s Pride Fest and Parade was super cute this year! Thanks to everyone who made this pride celebration possible! #Wewerethere! Were you?!

LIVE LOUD NOW: Honoring fierce pussy

This past Thursday night The Leslie-Lohman Museum celebrated fierce pussy and their inspiring QUEERPOWER facade installation. Special thanks to Barefoot Wine & Bubbly and Lambda Vodka for providing the refreshments, and to DJ TRX for spinning us into an evening full of love and support of LGBTQ artists! Shout out to honorary hosts Michela Griffo and Flavia Rando, Ph.D., Lesbian Herstory Archives!

The Stonewall Inn Annual Pride Kickoff

The Stonewall Inn Annual Pride Kickoff was a blast thanks to Stacy Lentz and Kurt Kelly! The 1 year anniversary of The Stonewall Inn Gives Back Initiative was filled with love and hope for working together to create a better tomorrow for our community. The Initiative directly focuses on helping people that live in areas that are less accepting of the LGBTQ culture and therefore face intensive social stigma, daily discrimination, and harassment, which results in dramatically higher rates of suicide, substance abuse, depression, and anxiety. The Stonewall Inn Gives Back Initiative’s ultimate goal is to provide support systems and to spread the message of love and equality in every community that has suffered from a lack of recognition and resources. #Wewerethere! Were you?!

PAT 5 Year Anniversary Party

PAT’s 5 year anniversary party was definitely the PAT of the century! DJ Dicap and DJ Matty Horrorchata slayyyed the front room while DJs Clara 3000, Natasha Kitty Katt, JD Samson, and Amber Valentine packed the back all night long!! Special thanks to host Murray Hill and to PAT creators Amber Valentine and JD Samson for giving us this beautiful space to celebrate our community in! #Wewerethere! Were you?!

Guilty Pleasures #3

Guilty Pleasures #3 at Gold Sounds left us with our jaws on floor from the STUNNING performances by Vigor Mortis, Jenn D’Role, Elle McQueen, Sweaty Eddie, Devo Monique, and Maxxx Pleasure! Hosted by hilarious Angelica Frankenstein with DJ Ten Yards on the 1 and 2’s and Buster Balls at the door. #Wewerethere! Were you?!

AcoustiQ NY – Yes You May

AcoustiQ gathered a cute group of queers and had Kailey Prior, Sarah A Factor, and curator Eli Denby Wood serenade us! All the donated proceeds went to a friend of Eli’s currently battling cancer. It was a serene experience that you definitely need to check out if you haven’t already! #Wewerethere! Were you?!

Hot Rabbit’s Bad Habit

Hot Rabbit’s Bad Habit party was super HOTTT thanks to sexy, sassy dancers Scarlett Snow and Caitlyn Seitz! DJ Natural State and DJ UFOH set the stage for HONEY Nouveau Burlesque, Vogue-Go Magic by the House of Olympus, and Eric Lane’s live saxophone + synth performance! All thanks to and made possible by Emily Hall Maresca!! #Wewerethere Were you?!

Ginger’s Bar

Ginger’s Bar was super cute this past Friday night! We love the bartenders, the digital jukebox, and most importantly the clutch company! It’s always a good time at this infamous Brooklyn lesbian watering-hole! #Wewerethere! Were you?!

Queer Abstract: What’s Your Salvation?

Queer Abstract: What’s Your Salvation was our salvation this weekend thanks to curator Shannon Matesky! Incredible performances by; Thomas Michael Hill, EB Rebel, Austin Hernandez, J’royce Jata, J. Fox Jones, Khalin Vasquez and more! Shout out to resident DJ Gold Vibes Only and DJ C. Lee and Ari for keeping the show running smoothly. #Wewerethere! Were you?!