Author: Juliet Macey

Transgender Day of Remembrance

This Sunday, Nov 20, our community will observe Transgender Day of Remembrance (#TDOR), a crucial annual commemoration that memorializes the lives of transgender violence victims.

Poll: Most N.C. Residents Oppse HB2

A new poll by Public Policy Polling shows that a majority of North Carolinians oppose the discrimatory anti-LGBT law, HB2, feeling it damages the state's reputation and ecomony. Respondents also said they were less likely to vote to reelect Gov. Pat McCrory because of his stubborn support of the draconian legislation.

Mets to Host First LGBT Pride Night

On Saturday, Aug 13, the New York Mets will host its first-ever LGBT-themed Pride Night, donating a portion of ticket sales to anti-bullying programs in local schools.

Pulse Memorial Planned

OnePulse Foundation filed a document with the state of Florida that puts in writing a plan for a memorial to honor the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando. 

Butterscotch Melts the Mic

Multitalented beatbox champion and recently out, all-around musical wunderkind, Butterscotch, is breaking down barriers with her new EP and single, “Accept Who I Am,” which tackles issues of social justice, racism and identity—proving that “a woman’s place” is anywhere she wants to go.