Author: Juliet Macey

Trump Admin Reportedly to Rescind Trans Students Guidance TODAY

The Trump administration plans to today redact guidance from the U.S. Departments of Justice and Education regarding schools’ crucial protections for transgender students, following a fight between Jeff Sessions and Betsy DeVos on the issue and a DOJ decision to eliminate the Obama administration’s challenge to a nationwide injunction against the guidelines.

Jeff Sessions Attempts to Undermine Trans Students’ Rights

In a significant signal that the Trump administration will roll back progress for transgender people sought by the Obama administration, Jeff Sessions used his first 48 hours as attorney general to back a legal brief that would ultimately block protections for transgender students.

It Starts: In “Trump’s America,” the Marriage Equality Battle Takes Off in Texas

On the day of Trump’s inauguration, the Texas Supreme Court announced it will now hear a case it previously rejected that seeks to strip spousal benefits from same-sex partners and narrow the scope of federal marriage equality in the state. Experts say the decision might ultimately trickle down to kick off similar legal challenges in other states.

Congress to Approve Global Human Rights Bill

The U.S. House of Representatives will weigh a Senate-passed proposed law, The Global Magnisky Act, that would give the president new, broader authority to impose sanctions on human rights abusers worldwide—including those who target LGBTQ people.

Arkansas Supreme Court Attacks Parental Rights of Same-Sex Couples

Arkansas Supreme Court Attacks Parental Rights of Same-Sex Couples
December 9, 2016by Juliet MaceyPrinter-friendlyBookmark and Share
In a disturbing effort to undermine protections afforded by federal marriage equality, the Arkansas Supreme Court ruled that same-sex parents in the state do not have the right to be listed on their children’s birth certificates if they are not the child’s biological parent.

HRC Corporate Equality Index Shows Leap in Protections for LGBTQ Workers

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC)’s Corporate Equality Index 2017 rated 887 businesses based on criteria specific to how those companies protect their LGBTQ employees. The report’s findings suggest that this year, the nation’s largest employers have overwhelmingly demonstrated through their actions that LGBTQ people are not just tolerated, but welcomed in their workplaces and communities.