GO Proudly Presents: 100 Women We Love, Class Of 2020

Elizabeth Lindsey

Photo Courtesy of ByteBack.

Elizabeth Lindsey is changing the world of tech through nonprofit community work. As CEO of Byte Back, an inclusive tech nonprofit offering education and career services that lead to living-wage careers, Lindsey has committed herself to provide tech-based career paths for low-income Washington, D.C. and Baltimore residents. And her passion is her work, as she notes the most rewarding aspect of her position is that she gets to connect people to technology that is so essential to ourselves and our culture. “In the queer community, chat rooms and apps and social media have been instrumental for us in creating safe virtual communities,” Lindsey tells GO. “That connection to community is so vital, and we’re seeing now more than ever the fact that access to broadband and the skills to use technology are absolutely necessary for people to fully participate in the economy as well.” Lindsey also serves on the Mayor’s Innovation and Technology Inclusion Council and the Verizon Consumer Advisory Board. She’s also a board member of the Goodwill Excel Center, The Engine Room, and the National Digital Inclusion Alliance and was named one of The Root’s 100 most influential African Americans of 2019. And being proudly out has only contributed to her success, says Lindsey, because she’s been able to bring her full and true self to every aspect of her career. “There’s something so liberating about being able to walk into a room and not think twice about talking about my family, or sharing stories from my life, or connecting with another queer person,” she says. “It’s one less thing for me to worry about, and being out is an important source of pride and community for me. —GP

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