Workin’ It (Part 2) 2009

The Rest of the Best Of 2009’s Red Hot Entrepreneurs

Jennifer Brown
CEO, Jennifer Brown Consulting>/i>

Jennifer Brown, CEO of Jennifer Brown Consulting, is a passionate advocate and social entrepreneur who partners with leaders and organizations in creating engaged and innovative workplace cultures. Brown is widely quoted in the media on diversity in the workplace, career development for non-traditional talent, and the LGBT workplace community. She has appeared in leading media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, Crain’s, and Sirius Radio, been quoted in Curve Magazine and the Advocate, and enjoyed recent TV appearances on Fox News, WCBS-New York, and CBS News for Logo. Founded in 2005, JBC is a strategic diversity consulting firm that works with businesses to build forward-thinking organizational practices that foster diversity, leadership, and innovation. With a worldwide client base, Brown wants to “make executive positions at Fortune 500 companies a reality to anyone; no matter what your gender, nationality, sexual orientation or gender identity. It’s about having the chance to see yourself reflected so you know you can get there, if you choose.”

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