Workin’ It (Part 2) 2009

The Rest of the Best Of 2009’s Red Hot Entrepreneurs

Parisa Parnian
Owner, RIGGED OUT/Fitters

With a backgroud in mainstream fashion, Parisa Parnian started RIGGED OUT/Fitters,
a clothing line for the queer, gender queer and trans community, as an experimental photo shoot for velvetpark magazine. Her conceptual designs were sported by authentic queer, gender queer and trans models and very quickly garnered tangible recognition. The photo shoot was featured in Sarah Baley’s one-woman photo exhibit, “BOIS,” and some images have found a home at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. and The L Word both asked Parnian to design custom pieces for their projects, and she has launched an online retail shop ( as well as pop-up shops in several cities around the United States. Parnian says, “I care about my customer’s personal gender expression and quirks that make them different. I provide folks with an empowering retail experience where they can see androgynous, butch, gender queer, and trans wearing clothing with the attitude, subversive gender expression, and fit that works for their lifestyles.”

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