Workin It (Part 1) 2009

The first 18 of 2009’s Red Hot Entrepreneurs!

Michelle Gaber
Sassy Executive Officer,

Michelle Gaber, the self-proclaimed “SEO (Sassy Executive Officer)” of, wants women to have fantastic orgasms. Gaber took over the LGBT-focused online adult toy store just a year ago, revamping their line of products to feature “body friendly” toys and lotions, free of phthalates and other harmful ingredients. She also created “Purr Parties,” in-home boutique shopping experiences, complete with the latest toys and tips from Purr Party consultants on how to please your partner and yourself. “Think of it as a ‘Tupperware Party’ gone very, very naughty,” Gaber says. An optician by day, the Miami native also pens a bi-weekly column “WireGirlz” for South Beach’s Wire Magazine. Gaber says, “I have always been a sexual woman and open to trying new things, so sex toys and lingerie have been a part of my bedroom fun for as long as I can remember. I think my outgoing personality has also lent itself well to making women comfortable talking about their bodies and sex.” – CB

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